Terms & Conditions

Customer Care 

1) No person employed or otherwise engaged ny Paint Your Soul With Angela is a mental health professional or has any mental health training. Paint Your Soul With Angela workshops and Reiki sessions are educational and healing in nature and are not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy or any other health program the participant might need.

2) No person employed or otherwise engaged by Paint Your Soul With Angela is responsible for monitoring participant's physical, emotional and psychological limits. The participant is 100% responsible for assessing the risk that any course activity or healing treatment poses to them and for choosing a safe course of action for themselves.

3) Before the start of the course you can request a refund for a portion of the course minus $35 dollars for holding your spot one week prior to the workshop/healing session. No refunds can be given after the workshop/healing session starts. All sales are final on purchase of paintings.

Privacy & Safety

I really value  privacy, care and wellbeing amongst our worldwide community. 

I collect your name and email address upon booking your workshop classes online and in home. I request a photo and your permission for Long Distance Reiki, and your full address for Reiki in your home or place of choice. I respect your privacy and will not give out your information without your consent. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments