Introduction to art classes.

I believe that inner PEACE begins from within. When I look at the world, I can't help but see deep emotional pain being played out. It's clear to me that a happier world starts by healing the wounds within. I believe that self aware people who truly love themselves unconditionally are healthier, wealthier, happier and abundant in all ways. I am here to light your path through my Energy Healing Art, to help ease the suffering in the world to bring peace on earth. I am here to help you connect to your higher wisdom, to rise above your worries, challenges, stresses and disappointments. My intention is to share my art pieces and teach art classes combined with sacred crystals, symbols, reiki energy healing, and activations that foster self-love, personal growth, healing, abundance, prosperity and more. I will help you unwind, unwravel and unleash your greatness to find your true authentic self. The future is yours to create one brushstroke at a time on your developmental journey. I hope my art helps you love the glorious, amazing wonderful person that you are and in that it helps you see your power, your self-worth, see the shining star that you are and spread your light to make this world that much brighter.

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