Do you have stuck emotions, limiting beliefs,  inner childhood wounds or have you experienced narcissistic abuse, trauma, tragedy? Please reach out and Paint Your Soul With Angela so you can be free to live your life full on!


I am Angela creator of Paint Your Soul With Angela and Angela's Awakening Activations and I have been a registered nurse since 1994. I have been on a personal spiritual journey since 2015 after having had a serious illness with 4 herniated discs in my neck, a tumor in my chest and my organs failing to name a few. Clearly, I  was going down the rabbit hole fast. I was fortunate and blessed to be introduced to Reiki Energy Healing which led me down this healing path to awakening. In 2011, I lost my dear mother in law and many clients I cared for in hospital, hospice and the community.  Shortly after,  I had this burning desire to paint. I was full of grief and needed an outlet.  I painted what was in my heart and soul and combined with Reiki, I had healed myself. I began to tap into my authentic sense of expression and wanted to inspire others to use and express theirs. I became a Reiki Master and opened my painting business in 2016. My mission is to light the path, teach and share what I know, inspire, heal, uplift and energize others. I operate with a core sense of optimism, enthusiasm, compassion and joy. My destiny is calling.

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I'm writing about my experience with taking art classes with Angela. It showed me how to know myself better, and how I can do things that I had no idea I could do like painting lol.  It made me appreciate life even more for myself, my family and my friends. I don't take life for granted anymore and I live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Angela is an amazing mentor and she cares about her students and she shows us how to love  and respect ourselves. Doing these classes was an amazing experience. You should try it for yourself and you will be surprised what you can find out about your true self. Emotionally and strong spiritually, it made me realize what in life is actually coming to reality!!! Yes it is such a blessing having Angela teach me, she's a beautiful person. You will have a great time. 

Yours Truly,  Josee


Angela's painting workshop far exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be a bit of fun with friends but it was also an awakening experience. We were encouraged to set intentions for our lives, place them on the canvas, and then create a painting over top of them. I am not terribly artistic, but with Angela's gentle and inspiring direction, much to my surprise, I was able to create a beautiful painting. When I look at my painting, I am inspired by my intentions that I know are hidden beneath the layers of paint. I am very grateful for this wonderful and fun experience.


I had my first Reiki session with Angela Sharon Binch, and it was absolutely an Amazing spiritual, physical and emotional experience!!!!


You have POWERFUL healing hands, I would defininitely recommend this therapy, loved it!!





Abundant Buddah

Abundant Buddah



Reiki is best known in the west as a gentle but powerful system of hands-on healing which can easily be learned by anyone to heal themselves, others, plants and animals.....but it is so much more as well.